Index your WordPress site in Google-5 killer methods to rank your site at the TOP!!

June 10, 2018
Index your WordPress site in Google-5 killer methods to rank your site at the TOP!!

If you are wondering how people index their website in Google and have a good ranking in a short time, You are at the right place. Today I’ll be guiding you how to do that. Let’s start:


  1. Sign up for a free account with Google Webmaster Tools and add it to your site.
  2. Connect it with the WordPress SEO plugin for getting important insights such as:-
    • What search results bring people to your site.
    • How to tailor your content in the competitive market.
    • How to target specific regions or market segments.

Learn More about Google Webmaster Tools

For further support, visit the Google Webmaster support forum


Google sends Robots or “spiders” (and others like it) for searching and collecting information. Google uses this information to build its index over and over. When someone searches for a keyword, Google goes through that index and returns the results it thinks are the best match based on some criteria.

By using a plugin like All in One SEO or Yoast SEO, You can help Google to find you quickly and easily. Since Google can tell when content is original and when it is published elsewhere on the web, you have to ensure that you have deleted all the demo contents which you don’t need anymore. These plugins are popular for two important things:

  1. Connects you to Google Webmaster tools in order to view statistics and generate sitemaps easily.
  2. Adds an SEO checker to your pages and it helps focusing on your keywords. The title of your page is the most important part to look on since Google looks for keywords in your page titles first and foremost, followed by the excerpt or SEO description.

It is available to download for free under Plugins > Add New by searching for “SEO”, then follow the little wizard to get started.


To be more appealing to search engines, Fine-tune several parts of your site and content. Don’t forget the site title, post titles and page descriptions since Google sees them and.

Elements optimized with SEO plugins are:

  • Your Homepage title
  • Website title
  • Your SEO Titles and Descriptions for all content on your site.

As stated above, the titles play a vital role. The first and foremost parts on which Google looks for are the titles of your pages and posts for a target keyword. The search engine uses these keywords to match someone’s search to a result. The plugins help to analyze your content against your target keyword and let you know if it needs more tuning. You can create different SEO title from the actual WordPress title as well; which is helpful in cases like a portfolio, where your post title may not contain your name but it should be in every SEO title. Last but not the least, your page and post titles should contain a keyword that best represents the content as someone may search for it. And obviously, it depends on your creativity.

Demo Contents might be DANGEROUS

A great deal of content might be loaded by the demos which you won’t end up using on your final site – you must delete those contents or take out of Published status to prevent it from affecting your ranking.

Google penalizes sites that have duplicate content or what it considers “spam”. Posts that are generated from lorem ipsum or nonsense text generators will look like spam to a crawler.

To delete your demo content:

  • Click on each admin area ie “Posts,” “Pages” and so on
  • Click on Screen Options at top-right and increase the number of posts per page to 100
  • Check off all the posts that were loaded by the demo, then select Move to Trash from the Bulk Edit drop-down.
  • For the Pages, it may help to identify which pages are in use on your site by editing them from the front end (view the page, click Edit Page) and editing the title to put a symbol in front. This does not affect the search engine but helps you single out those pages easier so you don’t delete them accidentally.

SHARE your site

The general criteria for ranking a website considered by Google is the amount of traffic and linking points to it. Though traffic generating is the goal of every website of course, but for boosting your rankings, you can work to get your site linked and shared through a few easy methods:

  • Share your site on forums and in other communities centered around your interests or business type
  • Put your url in any online signatures and on your social media profiles
  • Share your site on social media
  • Submit content to showcases and blogs frequented by your community
  • Create at least 1-3 pages on your site that contain shareable content – advice, solutions, freebies, tutorials, contests or promotions

Don’t get UPSET

It takes time to index your website and have a good ranking. It’s possible not to show up the first result for at least 30 days, after which they will begin low before they start rising up with increased optimization. For an individual, social media profiles or other presence may continue to rank higher as they have had more time to gain traffic and shares. Also be aware of how general a term you are searching for – typing in Canadian Bacon versus the name of your company may show your site further back in results as it hasn’t had enough time to “mature” into a ranked position as other bacon shops in Canada.

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