Make Your WordPress Website Livelier

January 23, 2018
Make Your WordPress Website Livelier

WP plugins make your WordPress website livelier, and it only takes a few minutes to have them installed and working. Plugins will normally fall right below the header and they are a quick access to the contents thus making your website navigable. For this particular review, we are going to shed a light on top WordPress menu plugins you should have installed.

Whether it’s a blog, an online retail store or a corporate website, so long as you are running on WordPress there is a big need for plugins. If you aren’t taking advantage of them yet, here are some good reasons why you should.

Uber Menu

This menu plugin has been downloaded over 50times which goes to prove just how popular it is. It is the trending talk on platforms like CodeCanyon and comes with every feature, you can think of, to turn a boring menu into an interactive one. It has a flexible and responsive layout with additional layouts designed for smartphone and tablet.You can customize the plugin to your liking using the user-friendly grid setup it comes in. You can add images to your menu, animations and CSS3 transition dropdown features. It can never go wrong choosing this plugin especially with the host of features it comes in.

Admin Editor Menu

This is a reinforcement to your already existing WordPress menu editor. What it does is put more features in your hands while improving the existing ones. Over 20,000 websites are already running this menu plugin and installation is pretty simple. Everything is drag and drop to modify or customize your WordPress menu. Switching to the pro versions adds extra perks like menu hiding, per-role permissions on menus or exporting your admin menu.

Sticky Menu Plugin

With this plugin, you can add sticky side panels to your website or blog. It’s a unique way of adding additional menus, to your already existing one, that will be located on the sides of your webpage. These sticky side panels direct the client to a different page or website you have linked to.

Everything is optimized for WordPress so you don’t have to worry about backend coding.  The admin tools are quite user-friendly and it only takes minutes to install this plugin.

If you have been looking for quality menu plugins that are easy to install and use, these three will do the magic. If you don’t have them installed already, they should be on your to-do list while optimizing your website for 2017.

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