ARB Booking Plugin’s Alternatives

Booking functionality ARB Booking
$249$79 – $199
Availability Settings:
Display a calendar to the bookable product page and let users know which dates are available for booking and which are already booked.
Adjust different availability rules for different resources of your bookable products.
Set the periods that are meant to be booked.
Allows booking a stay on a monthly basis.
Allows booking a stay on a daily basis.
Allows booking spots/equipment/services on an hourly basis.
You can let your clients book by Months, Days, Hours and even Minutes.
Manage pricing ($)
Set the price variation according to a number of booked days: the longer the stay, the lower the rate.
The opportunity to set different prices for the same product depending on a number of persons.
Ajax Pricing calculation makes things automatic.
Option to display the costs in details instead of just total cost.
Choose different pricing for different resource types, different person types or different booking periods.
Offer Discount for certain types of Persons and/or for certain days.
Additional features
Configure a minimum required timeframe before making a booking and before canceling it.
Use the Booking form as Quote Request form instead of normal booking.
Checkbox items can be added in Booking Form.
You can create and publish multiple booking forms on your WordPress website.
Send Reminders to clients about their Reservations.
Let your customers view and edit teir reservations online.
The ability to send automatic booking confirmation emails with the details a user might need to feel secure.
Determine additional services or specials coming optionally, which can raise the service’s initial price.
You can set different tax rates for different countries or even different states.
Ase a shortcode to display the product with reservation form.
Payment integration
Bank Payments
Cash on Delivery
Synchronize the schedule, automate the processes, and add hooks to the booking form.
Google Calendar
Styling Facility:
Adjust the color of the booking form, book buttons etc.

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