Three WordPress Plugins You Cannot Live Without

September 26, 2017
Three WordPress Plugins You Cannot Live Without

Once you set up your WordPress blog and have the content going, the next important thing to think about is exposure. And how best to get your website known than to use available WordPress SEO plugins. Here are three powerful WordPress SEO plugins that will get you the traffic you need.

WordPress SEO

This plugin was created by Yoast and immediately appears as an SEO panel on your WordPress dashboard after installation. With WordPress SEO, you can customize your content by automatically adding SEO titles and metadata before posting. Alternatively, you can also manually edit your titles and metadata or add specifics keywords to your pages and tags while managing content.

WordPress SEO is used by some of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley. It puts more features at the hands of the website owner than most WordPress plugins out there. It offers 34 unique features for auto-generating metadata, formulate specific tags or repeal outdated indexing from your website.


Social media plays a very huge role in today’s online advertising thus this WordPress plugin comes at an opportune moment in time. Social SEO Booster does exactly what its name suggests, boost your posts on social media pages and pull back traffic to your website via ads, videos or articles you share with potential clients.
With the new version of this plugin, now you can add snippets to your Facebook or Twitter creating an eagerness on your followers prompting them to click on your backlinks. You can also validate your website’s authorship on google or introduce a rating system on your snippets that help rank you higher on search engines.


This WordPress plugin is a sitemap generator for your WP blog or website. Sitemaps are vital for your online presence because they give additional information about your URLs that help search engines rank you better. This plugin allows you to generate up-to-date sitemaps which can be embedded to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.
Not only does Google XML Sitemap boost your visibility, but it also works harmoniously with other WordPress plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast or Social SEO Booster.

These plugins are an essential resource to every business or blog using WordPress themes or have WordPress integrated into their websites. They will boost your business through accurately formatting your titles or metadata with SEO, profile your URLs to search engines with unparalleled precision or make your social media pages more active converting leads into profit.


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