Newspaper – Magazine Theme

November 19, 2016
Newspaper – Magazine Theme

Newspaper - Magazine Theme

If you have always struggled to write blog posts, news articles or general PR articles, this Newspaper WordPress theme will make things easy for you. Just as the theme’s name suggests, we designed it specifically for online publication in the news genre.

Besides publishing up-to-date content for your online magazine or review site, this Newspaper WP theme also allows video publications from YouTube or Vimeo. It is one of the best WordPress themes for Blogging and News site, because it also comes with an in-built video reviewer which your page visitors can use to rate the videos. Additionally, there are hosts of other useful plugins that make blogging or writing a press release a walk in the park. These plugins include bbPress Forum, WooCommerce and BuddyPress.

The Newspaper WordPress theme is optimized to be in line with the latest SEO practices. It’s designed with high-end coding protocols to make it super fast and yet easy to use. Part of the SEO optimization is making this theme highly responsive to both AdSense and Google Ads.

Features of Newspaper WP Theme

  • Free 6-month support by the theme developers
  • A clean simple layout that highlights all content in a precise manner
  • A host of free plugins to optimize the website, sell publications and promote new content
  • Highly responsive layout that works on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Large Grid layouts that make content visible and easy to navigate through
  • Once purchased, you become eligible for future updates to improve the theme

Newspaper WP theme now has a freshly released update known as mobile theme specifically for the mobile platform. It features a stunning mobile-friendly layout that automatically adjusts its content and media to create a fresh browsing experience for the user. The mobile theme allows for convenient downloading of magazines, videos or pdf articles and saves it for later reading.

If you have been looking for the best WordPress theme for publishing your news content, this should be your go-to theme. You get a high-resolution WordPress theme that is user-friendly and incorporates a host of plugins (both free and premium ones) to improve user experience and streamline sales. Newspaper WordPress theme is SEO optimized for search engines and also support multimedia plugins for better content promotion.

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