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Butter restaurant theme

Butter is one of those WordPress themes with a charm that motivates you to buy the product or sit down for the service. Presently, it’s the go-to theme for restaurant owners, Pizza Huts, Coffee Houses, Wineries, Bakeries and even that local homely B&B Inn. It also seamlessly syncs with WooCommerce plugin.

This WordPress theme is CMC responsive theme designed specifically for the catering industry. It has a warm inviting mood to it that’s perfect for displaying your updated menu or the local smoked fish recipe you just invented. Butter theme allows you to tell your story and tell it well; making it dynamic and enjoyable to your audience.

Butter was designed and published by a team of enthusiastic developers who understood everything you will need for an online catering business. The theme comes with readily installed fonts ideal for advertising food or drinks. Everything is well spaced and clearly defined thus navigation will be piece of cake for any customer you have. The CMS theme is also web responsive so you are already tapped into the mobile platform.

Theme reviews/rating taken from over 30 customers of Butter Theme.

Reviews for Butter - Restaurant Theme

Theme reviews/rating taken from over 30 customers of Butter Theme.

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