20 Best Hosting WordPress Themes with WHMCS Integration 2018

April 25, 2018
20 Best Hosting WordPress Themes with WHMCS Integration 2018

20 Best hosting WordPress themes for 2018. They include useful features that will help you improve your hosting website without the need to learn code. Whether you run a blog or an e-commerce website, these impressive WordPress themes are best choices for you.

Web hosting is one of the fastest growing online services today. For businesses looking to provide hosting packages to consumers, there are plenty of WordPress themes that will help build your website. These WordPress themes include an array of features that help personalize our web hosting websites to match our goals.

Choosing the right WordPress theme depends on your goal as a web hosting startup. Modern hosting WordPress themes can help with tasks like improving the appearance of your website, installing an e-commerce plugin or setting up a support system for your customers. Ensure you research and compare a couple of WordPress themes before settling for the one that complements your goals as a business.

Here are  your 20 hosting WordPress themes for 2018 voted by the best developers.


MaxHost is a highly responsive WordPress theme designed to be compatible with WHMCS templates. What makes MaxHost unique is that you do not need a Bridge Plugin to integrate it with WHMCS. Another important highlight is the parallax scrolling effect that includes animated typography and full-screen images.

MaxHost is recommended for corporate businesses and website providing domain services. The WHMCS template allows you to set up a selling page where users can search for domains, buy them, and request for payments. Visitors can also make payments online securely using the provided WooCommerce plugin.

Installing MaxHost WordPress theme is a one-click process after which you can change your website layout with provided template tools. Furthermore, this theme comes with Visual Composer which allows you build pages using a convenient drag and drop process. Also, there are over 10 different homepage layouts to choose from.

In addition, this WordPress theme includes MailChimp and Aweber plugins to help in email management.


HostStar is an advanced WordPress theme designed for web hosting, web design, and SEO businesses. It utilizes the popular Visual Composer for creating web pages and is compatible with the latest WHMCS template. In addition, HostStar avails a host of premium plugins to help in selling or interacting with online users.

HostStar’s visual composer makes web designing a breeze even for the nontech-savvy. One can create complex layouts for their web pages using a simple drag and drop process. The WHMCS plugin will be building online client area and creating invoices for clients.

Another useful plugin that comes with HostStar is revolution slider. This is a premium plugin that helps create effective sliders on your websites. Luckily you get revolution slider for free with this theme. Also, make use of additional resources like MailChimp and AWeber to conveniently send email responses and newsletters to clients. Finally, HostStar WordPress theme is compatible with all web browsers and is SEO ready.


ZionHost is a high end WordPress theme for web hosting companies serving a corporate clientele. It features premium templates and plugins to help design a professional website on the go. This WordPress theme is not only compatible with visual composer page builder it is also designed to integrate with WHMCS template.

Use visual composer to create business pages on the dot. Creating professional pages is a simple drag and drop process of arranging elements where you need them. Besides visual composer, you also get a premium plugin, revolution slider, to help create slider pages with parallax scrolling. Furthermore, your website will look and feel beautiful to scroll through as everything is organized and attractive.

In addition, WooCommerce plugin is included to help in the sellling part of your blog. WHMCS template helps you create a straightfoward sign up page and also bill your clients correctly. Aweber is also required to help you send and manage newsletters.


Hosted WordPress theme enables you to improve the appearance and quality of your web hosting website. It is a responsive web layout integrated with WHMCS to make your hosting business easy to run. Hosted provides a variety of features you will find useful in customizing your website.

In addition, Hosted provides multiple templates to work with when creating your website layout. The theme template also comes with an unlimited color scheme that allows you to create unique color combinations for your website. An inbuilt visual composer allows you to build web pages using an easy drag and drop process.

Hosted WordPress theme comes with WooCommerce also. This is a useful e-commerce plugin that guides your customers when they making purchases on your site. You also have a Theme Options panel that helps you adjust your website until it fits your needs. Google analytics can be easily added to the header or footer of web pages through the Theme Options panel.


HostWHMCS is a WordPress theme designed for tech businesses. It combines powerful features with easy-to-use customization tools that help build a professional website in minutes. In addition, the one-click install process makes website creation easy for business owners who are not tech-savvy.

HostWHMCS is built on the latest WordPress version. The theme is designed to be compatible with WHMCS v7.5 which is readily provided as a template. In addition, there is an inbuilt layout configurator which allows you to set up your desired layout in minutes. It is also possible to customize web page backgrounds, sliders, and experiment with different colors.

This theme is web responsive and designed to be compatible with most browsers also. It includes MailChimp for emailing and Ajax integration that allows you to update pages without reloading them. After installing the HostWHMCS theme, consumers will get future updates absolutely free. Furthermore, this theme is also designed for SEO and multi-language support.


HostWind is a perfect WordPress theme for hosting domains for large companies. The theme has a clean professional look that puts all the right features in the user’s hands. In addition, you have over 2400 custom icons, fonts, and sliders to play around with to create a unique web page.

The inbuilt Visual Composer makes it possible to alter text, images, or colors to create unique web pages. Therefore, no background in coding is needed as everything is designed using a drag and drop process. HostWInd is fully compatible with WHMCS templates. This feature helps design custom sign up forms, billing forms, and set up a support center for your clients.

Finally, HostWind is compatible with most web browsers. It also comes SEO optimized to help in website ranking. Your clients will enjoy the fast loading web pages that are mobile friendly. Everything is displayed in a crisp and professional manner and includes custom tables for clearly displaying prices to your clients.


VirtuSky suits any entrepreneur who owns an online store provides web hosting services or runs a technology website. This WordPress theme is fully responsive, SEO ready and one of the few themes that are designed for retina displays. It only takes one click to import all your data and have your website ready in minutes.

VirtuSky has an inbuilt Visual Composer for dragging and dropping elements on an interactive interface. This makes it easy to design a professional website without the need for coding. VirtuSky is compatible with WHMCS template also which facilitates sign-ups and billing for your clients.

WooCommerce is incorporated into this theme to facilitate digital selling. In addition, you also get MailChimp and Contact Form 7 for interacting with your clients. Bonus features include free Testimonial Page and FAQ page templates.

Finally, VirtuSky WordPress theme is fully responsive on all web browsers. It also loads seamlessly on all PCs and mobile devices.


InHost WordPress theme suits the web hosting company providing corporate domain services. The theme is 100% responsive and designed to be compatible with retina displays. With a sophisticated and clean design, InHost theme is ideal for business, corporate websites or design agencies.

Discover 5 unique page layouts to design unique web pages on the spot. One extra page layout is provided to increase your design options also. InHost is WHMCS integrated meaning you can create custom sign-up and billing pages faster without any coding. In addition, the In-built Visual Composer provides a seamless process of building web pages using provided short-codes.

Furthermore, there are over 40 custom blocks to use when creating testimonial pages, pricing tables, or banner ads for your website. Add the convenience of a WHMCS manager to create a professionally interactive website in less than an hour. InHost WordPress theme is designed to be 100% responsive across all computers and mobile devices.


Zipprich is a professional WordPress theme that helps you create a clean colorful website in minutes. Built with WHMCS integration, as a result this theme gives full control of your website with plenty of custom tools to utilize.

An inbuilt visual page builder allows you to customize web pages without the need of coding. Zipprich has over five unique home pages to help make a great first impression on your website visitors. There are over 790 inbuilt fonts to play with and an added option of loading custom fonts to improve your website typography.

This WordPress theme is fully integrated with WHMCS to facilitates day-to-day tasks such as customer log-in, billing or online support. In addition, the entire theme is SEO ready to help improve your ranking and organic searches. An Advance Theme option panel lets you play around with headers, footers, fonts, and color to achieve a unique website.

Zipprich comes with data collection tools too. This includes MailChimp for emailing and Contact Form 7 for feedback collection.

Circle Flip

Circle Flip WordPress theme is designed for the web hosting business that handles lots of traffic. Drawing inspiration from various top websites, Circle Flip puts together a list of handy features that make web designing a breeze; even for the amateur. This theme also includes several e-commerce features to help you sell hosting solutions right from your website.

Designed to integrate with WHMCS, Circle Flip makes it easy for web users to sign up to your website and view all your available products. Using WHMCS, you will be able to present all products in clear attractive tables that show all pricing correctly. Once users pick a product they like, they can conveniently proceed to purchase using the WooCommerce plugin that comes with the theme.

Furthermore, Circle Flip is designed to perform seamlessly even in the heaviest online traffic. Pages load faster and are 100% responsive. Finally, the theme is SEO ready which helps in ranking your content better in search engines.

Alaska-WHMCS Hosting Theme

Alaska-WHMCS WordPress theme fits any hosting company that wants a clean professional looking website to sell their products. Given its design, it is also perfect for agencies, corporate companies, or any organization that wants to build a website in the simplest way possible.

This theme comes with WHMCS bridge plugin to make it compatible with the latest WHMCS template. In addition, the same plugin makes Alaska compatible with the latest WordPress version. It makes updating your WordPress site a walk in the park whether you are a developer or not so tech-savvy.

Alaska-WHMCS features the popular Visual Composer also. This is a layout page builder that includes 40 free shortcodes for building and enhancing web pages on the go. Visual Composer creates professional web pages using a flawless drag and drop process. So, you do not need a background in coding to work with Visual Composer. If you also need a WordPress theme that is compatible with all web browsers, Alaska-WHMCS is a great choice.


Handel is one of the few WordPress themes that support live editing. It comes with two editing platform that suits both the novice and experienced website builder. Moreover, Handel packs a host of features that make website creating fun and flawless.

Handel is a multi-purpose WordPress theme designed for various businesses. It suits the web hosting company wanting to create a professional online hosting shop for high-end clients. It is also a quality WordPress theme that will work well with companies in engineering, law, transports, and logistics.

There are over 200 template block to sample and install in one click. The inbuilt Codeless builder allows you to see all changes made in real-time. An Inline text editor provides a straightforward way to edit paragraphs without reloading pages. Handel WordPress theme also has an adaptive portfolio editor that allows you to instantly add image portfolios to an existing grid. You can also link external media like Spotify or YouTube to the Handle theme.


Avada is a professional WordPress theme that puts everything at your fingertips. It is packed with lots of features and templates to give you numerous options in how to design your website. With a user-friendly inbuilt page builder, you do not have to worry about code as you create professional websites with finesse.

Avada theme is ideal for web hosting businesses as well as any other businesses dealing with tech. There are about 50 unique panels to help you design highly interactive web pages. An inherent theme options panel is the blueprint that guides your website building. In addition, this panel allows you to play with color, headers, footers, backgrounds, or title bars to come up with authentic and aesthetic web pages.

Furthermore, this WordPress theme is SEO ready is a stepping stone to ranking your website among the best in search pages. Avada receives regular free updates that avail more premium features at your fingertips. Access all features via the Fusion Builder that utilizes a drag and drop process to help you work faster.


Spark combines all the necessary features and templates to make website building a breeze. It is the WordPress theme designed for high-end developers but also user-friendly enough for those who are not tech-savvy. Spark is fully compatible with WHMCS page manager and is enhanced for jQuery.

Spark comes with free plugins to help create a web hosting site that suits your business. This includes Visual Composer plugin for dragging and dropping elements until you achieve the design you want. Revolution slider is included as well which helps design responsive slider pages, especially when displaying products in a carousel.

In addition, there are over 4 homepage templates, 3 header styles, and 2 footer styles to get you started. Spark supports UX design for a clean and fast web experience for your visitors.  There are several font options from Google and you can also load your own custom fonts. Spark is responsive on all web browsers, computers, and mobile devices.

Arka Host

Arka Host is designed by professional web developers for online shops dealing with corporate clients. It is a simple, clean, and professional WordPress theme with plenty of features for creating unique and aesthetic websites. Arka Host is ideal if you want to launch a hosting business that displays your products in a clean and professional manner.

Furthermore, this WordPress theme has over 50 pre-built layouts to work with in creating your website. Visual Composer plugin is included for a flawless workflow when dragging and dropping objects on different layouts. Revolution slider helps you create beautiful slides that are highly responsive across website platforms. Arka Host also includes Layer Slider 5 that gives an aesthetic parallax effect on your sliders.

Your users will enjoy the seamless scrolling on your website. You can also vary the colors on the header, footer, and entire background for added visual appeal. WHMCS creates a convenient platform for billing customers or facilitating their sign up or logins into your website.

Finally, Arka Host is SEO ready and highly responsive on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. This WordPress theme is also compatible with most web browsers.


HostingPress is a fully functional WordPress theme befitting any website that deals in tech. It is ideal for a web hosting businesses that need quick templates and plugins to build a website and sell its products. HostingPress is compatible with WHMCS template and supports WooCommerce.

In addition, there are four homepages and three landing pages that come pre-built. Additional 20-page templates are available to build a full website without relying on any code. HostingPress uses a unique page builder known as REDUX framework. This framework allows you to work on pages and make changes in real time.

HostingPress WordPress theme includes unlimited fonts and colors to create unique typography for your website. Revolution slider plugin is included also to add beautiful sliders on your website that showcase your products. There are numerous shortcodes provided to help you work faster as there is no need of creating complex codes.

Furthermore, HostingPress is 100% responsive when loaded on desktops and mobile devices. It also loads fast on any web browser and designed to be SEO ready.


OneHost is a clean and straightforward wordpress theme for the web hosting business that is just starting out. It packs all the necessary features to get your blog or online shop up and running. This wordpress theme is compatible with WooCommerce and WHMCS template.

Selling domain has been made easier thanks to WHMCS template. OneHost comes with the latest bridge plugin to pair wordpress and WHMCS with just one click. This theme allows you to create quick billing invoices, facilitate a sign up page, or provide online customer support without the need to learn code. Also, WooCommerce is included to help you in making sales in a safe and secure platform.

Furthermore, OneHost comes with Visual Composer for dragging and dropping elements as you build your website. There are dozens of templates provided to start you off. You have the freedom to alter the templates, play around with different colors, and introduce new fonts until you achieve your dream website.

Multi Host

Multi Host is a wordpress theme that will give your web hosting business the online presence it deserves. This theme features clean and interractive web pages that makes it easy to both showcase and sell your domain packages. This theme is WHMCS ready and puts all the necessary features at your disposal to built a crisp and engaging website.

Make use of the provided revolution slider to add a beautiful parallax effect on all your page sliders. Visual Composer guides you through a simple web designing process that only involves dragging and dropping elements. So, you do not need prior knowledge in web developing but you will create a professional website in minutes.

Furthermore, multi Host has plenty of free plugins to help in boosting conversion rates. WHCMS templates allows you to organize your online customer support, create invoices for clients, or manage new sign ups. Finally, WooCommerce allows clients to add items on a virtualyou to add a convenient shopping cart and instantly pay for all items with their card.


NRG Host will help you design a website in minutes using easy to use features. It comes integrated with Bridge plugin to sync your wordpress to WHMCS manager and unlock additional web developing features. With all the right tools at your finger tips, you do not need to be a pro developer to use NRG Host.

In addition this wordpress theme includes Visual Composer for designing web pages. It uses a user-friendly interface that only requires you to drag and drop elements as you create unique webpages. You have the freedom to add WooCommerce plugin to help organize your selling area. You can also add more wordpress plugins like MailChimp and Aweber to help manage emails and send out newsletters.

Furthermore it only takes one click to update your blog to a professional website with NRG Host. this wordpress plug in can be customized to be SEO ready to help in site ranking. Whether you run a tech blog or a web hosting business, this wordpress theme will improve the appearance of your current site and improve your conversation rates.


FlatHost features a bold simple design your customers will love. It is the perfect wordpress theme for web hosting businesses that are concerned with improving their hosting products and manage billing also. In addition FlatHost includes WHMCS manager to help in billing, customer support, and sign up processes.

FlatHost avails several prebuilt page templates to start you off in creating your site. Also, users can use the inbuilt page builder for an easy drag and drop process of creating pages. Incorporate WHMCS manager and WooCommerce to give your clients the best online sales experience.

Furthermore FlatHost is compatible with Zompin, a live chat plugin that will help you interact with your clients. This wordpress theme also comes with Contact Form 7 to help gather and manage client feedback. Finally, FlatHost is SEO ready to make your website visible to existing and potential customers.

 Play around with different fonts and colors to create a website that complements your brand.

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    This theme (Cloudify) should not be listed here. I have had nothing but problems with this theme since installing it. Components for page builder don’t work, the pages don’t update correctly. I contacted the support team and they recommend to follow the provided instructions in their documentation which were nothing but crap and difficult to understand. Then I bought Maxhost theme which is best in the lot I think. Their video tutorial is clear and the documentation is high quality also. I had to spend $54 only, when the buggy theme Cloudify cost me $69!

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