ARB – Appointment Booking Plugin


Introduction of ARB –

ARB Booking and Reservations plugin is an easy-to-use booking tool, which is the most flexible Booking Platform (feature comparison of popular booking plugins) based on WooCommerce. This WooCommerce extension plugin allows your customers to book hotel rooms or resorts, appointments for courses, doctors, salons and any other businesses which require appointment booking. In addition It has Request for Quote feature as well. With this feature users can negotiate and as admin you can set custom pricing for that person who requests a quote.

ARB Reservations plugin is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool to let your clients book appointments online. The reservation form will do the job itself while you can relax.

Key features of this booking plugin

Using this plugin you can offer discounted prices for special Days or People of certain types like a couple OR kids, show lower prices for weekdays, higher prices on weekends etc. ARB lets you set the pricing any way you want.

Furthermore, this plugin is an WooCommerce Extension, so all your WooCommerce payment systems will work with ARB. PayPal, Credit Card, Stripe, Bank Transfer, Check Payments, Square and so on.

Never worry about being double booked. For example, if your 10:00AM client books your lawyer until 12:00PM, that lawyer will not appear available for other clients within that period. You will never need to worry about offering the same resource to 2 or more clients at the same time.

In addition, you can limit a booking to one-at-a-time for appointments with Doctors, Trainers, Consultants etc. OR let a certain number of people to book a Hotel, Class, Online Course or a Tour. You can set if your resource is available or not for a certain time. For example, you can set your consultant as not available for booking on Sundays.

Moreover, you can decide how you want to confirm a booking. It can be confirmed automatically upon receiving the payment, or you can check the booking order before approval; it’s up to you.

Manage this booking plugin as admin

As an admin you can easily view and manage the booking orders from your admin panel. Just a click required to confirm, reschedule or cancel appointment reservations. The customers will get the notification emails automatically.

Moreover, ARB Plugin facilitates you to keep track and manage all bookings effortlessly. You can view, manage, search, filter all the booking orders listed in your admin panel. You can inform clients about their upcoming appointments with customizable notification emails when someone makes an appointment. Also you can send a special reminder email right from your admin panel.

ARB plugin enables iCalendar feature as well, so you can send email notifications to your Clients with the standard iCalendar file. Clients appointment dates information is there in the iCalendar.


Finally I can say, you need ARB if you need any of the features listed above and you do not want to spend too much money to build your booking platform. Because ARB plugin is the cheapest one compared to others, which has all these complex functionality I have mentioned in this article.