20 Best Beauty Salon, Massage Shop & Hair Salon WordPress Themes 2021

November 18, 2020
20 Best Beauty Salon, Massage Shop & Hair Salon WordPress Themes 2021

Here are 20 Beast Spa Beauty Salon WordPress Themes that will help you build and manage a professional online beauty shop. As a beauty stylist, having a professional website should be a priority if your business is to grow. A lot of beauty salon owners fear managing websites because of the perceived cost. However, it is possible to have a fully functional website designed in minutes without costing you an arm and a leg.

There are major benefits of having an online beauty shop. For instance, clients who move to your town are able to find your services through search engines. Furthermore, a website allows you to present all the services you have to offer. This includes a list of your hairstyles and their prices, the opening hours of your salon, special spa treatments, as well as professional profiles for all your stylists.

Long story short, you have everything to gain by having a professional salon website. On that note, here are 20 of the best WordPress themes that will help you build and manage a professional online beauty shop. These themes are loaded with readymade demos and plenty of features you will find useful.


Depilex is a resourceful WordPress theme that is designed for the fitness and hair salon businesses.  In addition, it will also suit spas, massage parlors, and wellness centers. As a premium WordPress theme, Depelix is highly responsive and mobile ready too.

All the components in this WordPress theme are compatible with Visual Composer page builder. Combined with the theme’s inbuilt admin panel, web designers can be able to make any changes they want to the custom layouts provided. Crafting a new website is so easy that anyone who is not tech-savvy can do it with the provided page builder.

Moreover, there are additional plugins available to help you manage your website better. One such plugin is WooCommerce which allows you to set up a convenient online shop for your clients. Another great plugin is WPML which translates your content to an international audience. Two more important plugins provided are MailChimp and Aweber which you can use to directly keep in touch with your clients.


BeautyPress is a wellness beauty spa salon WordPress theme that is neat and highly responsive. It is a perfect WordPress theme to use if you are running a barbershop, Massage parlor, physiotherapy clinic, makeup shop, fitness center, or medical care center. In addition, BeautyPress would also work for the beauty blogger who is eager to share her beauty tips with the world.

This WordPress theme comes with five ready-to-install demos. It only takes one click to import and install a demo you like. After, you are free to add your content and launch your online beauty shop instantly. There is no need to bother yourself with writing code as you have a salon to manage.

BeautyPress also includes an array of features and plugins to help manage your website better. One such plugin is Elementor page builder which you will use to edit and add content to your premade templates. Another crucial feature is the online Booking Form which allows your clients to make appointments for their next spa or beauty treatment.


H-code WordPress theme takes away the stress of having to design a website from scratch. It features a one-page layout which is all you need to present yourself creatively to your clients. Nevertheless, if you feel the need to add more pages to your site in future, there are ready templates for that.

H-code is a perfect theme for beauty salons that are just starting out. There are about 20 one-page demos you can install in one click and start adding your content. In addition, there are about 31 multipage demos that remain ready until the day you decide to expand your online presence

This WordPress theme comes with multiple plugins that will be handy for building and managing your creative online salon. Visual Composer is included to help you customize your website without having to hire a web designer. Moreover, you also have slider revolution which will be useful in presenting your services using beautiful slides. Other noteworthy plugins included in this theme are Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.


Parlour is a clean and very stylish WordPress theme that is designed for businesses providing wellness, beauty, massage, and spa therapy services. This WordPress theme is carefully crafted to ensure it is responsive and loads with unbeatable speeds. Everything you need to launch a professional beauty website is contained in this theme.

As a multipage WordPress theme, Parlour is preinstalled with Elementor Page builder plugin. With this plugin, you will be able to edit and add content to your web pages without having to write a line in code. In addition, slider revolution plugin is added to craft beautiful slides for your content. Another useful feature is Dynamic sidebar generator which gives you the option to create convenient sidebars that provide quick shortcuts to your pages.

Three other plugins to mention include WooCommerce, MailChimp and Contact Form 7. With these three plugins, you will be able to receive payments directly to your online salon, allow your clients to sign up for membership on your website, and alert your users of any new promotions you are running.


As its name suggests, Beaute is a sleek and stylish WordPress theme that will present your salon business in a professional and glamours way. This theme’s home page is designed with attractive backgrounds and quick shortcuts to all your services. Whether you run a beauty salon or a Yoga center, Beaute has all the tools you need to present yourself professionally to your clients.

This is one of the few WordPress themes with an array of options on how to edit your web pages. It comes with three-page builder plugins- Elementor, SiteOrigin, and Divi- and whichever you choose is totally up to you. Alternatively, you can also go the easy way of installing a premade demo and start adding your content.

Thanks to the inbuilt SEO optimization, your clients will find your services faster on search engines. In addition, this theme comes with WPML plugin which will translate your page into multiple languages. One last benefit is that Beaute is optimized for speed to load faster on any device.


Aqua WordPress theme is designed to add value to both your business and your clients. With a fresh homepage looking and loads of custom features, this theme is perfect for barber shops, wellness centers, hair salons, fitness classes, and yoga classes. A highlight of Aqua theme is the useful tools that let you prepare wellness plans for your clients.

Aqua WordPress theme comes with WP Bakery which is an advanced page builder for editing and customizing web pages. Moreover, there are readymade demo websites you can import to the page builder and start editing. Alternatively, you can just add your content to the demos and launch the website as it is.

The greatest benefits of Aqua theme is the amazing features it has that are designed to improve the lives of your clients. It comes with a fitness feature that generates workable fitness plans for your clients. In addition, this theme has a ready Yoga Timetable to ensure help clients plan their yoga lessons better. Lastly, Aqua has an online reservation plugin that will help you manage client appointments effectively.


Vitrine puts the best tools at your fingertips to manage your own beauty website professionally. You do not have to be a professional web designer to use this theme because all the hard work has been done for you. On that note, launching your first website using Vitrine is as easy as importing and installing a free demo.

Speaking of demos, you have over 30 of them designed to suit several niches in business; the beauty world being one of them. In addition, this WordPress theme comes with a plethora of plugins to help you manage your website easier and better. One of these crucial plugins is Visual Composer which you will use to further tweak the demos if you wish.

Another plugin worth mentioning is slider revolution. This plugin will help you create amazing slides to display all your services. Also, MailChimp is included for managing your clients’ contacts and sending them newsletters. Vitrine packs many more premium plugins that include WooCommerce, MailPoet, WP Bakery Price Tables, and WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate program.


Lemon is a visually appealing and highly flexible WordPress theme designed for beauty spas and salon. This is a great WordPress theme that will help you create the same serene feeling of your spa on your website too. In addition, there are so many features and plugins packed in this theme that will help you create the most professional website.

Firstly, Lemon WordPress theme is highly responsive and will load seamlessly on any device. In addition, it is enhanced for retina displays which means that all your content will look clean and tack sharp on any device you use. Above all, Lemon WordPress theme is made special by all the features and plugins it comes with.

Using Visual Composer as its main page builder, you will be able to edit and customize all your web pages with ease. Adding to this is revolution slider which will be handy if you want to present your services in attractive slides. In addition, Lemon theme includes AJAX Contact Form which you can use to reach out to your clients.


Brando is another one page WordPress theme that is ideal if it is your first website to launch. A one-page website is simpler and quite straight-forward to manage. Eventually, if you would want to include more pages to your website, there will be readymade templates to do that.

Brando WordPress theme saves you money by availing premium plugins absolutely free. One such plugin is Visual Composer which will be the main editing suite for customizing your web pages. This WordPress theme is WPML ready as well which means your content will be directly translated into multiple languages for your users. Brando is also designed to be compatible with more themes such as Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, and MailChimp.

Designing a website has never been easier thanks to the provided free demos. All it takes is one click to import a website demo and start adding your content. Also, there are plenty of modules and shortcodes provided to add final tweaks to your website before going live.


Pearl is an elegant WordPress theme available for the beauty salons that boast of a high-end clientele. Moreover, this theme is quite flexible and will suit many other businesses besides the beauty world. Pearl theme is packed with prepaid premium plugins and modules that make even the hardest of tasks in web design look simple.

This WordPress theme is preloaded with over 200 modules for tweaking your web pages and content to make it stand out. Moreover, there are so many advanced plugins provided with this theme to help you manage your salon or gym website. The best part is that you get to save a lot of money by getting all these plugins for free.

Besides the intuitive page builder, there are more advanced plugins like Yoast SEO and Google Analytics. These two plugins make your website SEO ready and help you interpret the traffic coming to your website better. More notable plugins provided include Contact Form 7, Essential Grid, WooCommerce, and MailChimp.


Paradise is a stunning, urban, and professional WordPress theme that suits a variety of niches in the beauty world. As a multi-purpose WordPress theme, Paradise is designed for massage parlors, nail salons, barber shops, and spa salons. It features multiple homepage layouts and several plugins that will simplify how you build your first website.

Paradise theme features six elegantly designed and super vibrant homepage layouts. Using the inbuilt page builder, you will be able to make further changes to these layouts so it suits your website. Alternatively, if you only want to launch a professional website quickly, the one-click demo installation features is all you need. It works even for the novice who knows nothing about web design.

This WordPress theme is highly responsive and optimized for speeds. Your customers will be happy with how fast your web pages load on any device they use. Furthermore, Paradise is retina ready meaning all your content will be viewed in HD quality.


As the name suggests, Barber is a bold and elegantly designed theme suiting professional Barbershops as well as hair salons.  This WordPress theme is clean, pristine and features HD graphics to make your content stand out on any device. In addition, Barber has recently been revamped with features that make it loads faster and better.

Barber WordPress theme has a couple of plugins to help you in selling your brand. For instance, a new version of the Instagram plugin is installed to link your Instagram followers back to your website. Also, Barber theme has an e-commerce version known as Trimmer that is similar to WooCommerce. This plugin will help you manage payments from your online clients.

Another noteworthy plugin included is a certified Booking System. With this plugin, you will be able to manage new appointments from your clients to serve them better. Barber WordPress theme is packed with three new demos that install in literally 5 minutes.


Leisure is an amazing WordPress theme that is perfect if you are advertising a calming and relaxing atmosphere like a spa or massage center.  Moreover, this WordPress suit any recreational center that provides wellness services. As a premium WordPress theme, Leisure is packed with features and modules that will help you set a professional website in minutes.

For instance, this WordPress theme is optimized for speed and made compatible with most browsers. Furthermore, Leisure theme is highly responsive and will display all your content clearly no matter what device your client uses. Also, this theme features HD graphics to make it compatible with retina displays.

There are plenty of premium plugins that come with Leisure WordPress theme. One of them is Visual Composer which you can use to edit and customize the two free demos provided. Another plugin is slider revolution which will be handy in creative beautiful slides for your online portfolio.

Wellness Center

If you are running a recreational, spa or massage parlor, or a wellness center, this WordPress theme will represent your brand online professionally. Wellness Center is simple and easy to use yet powerful and very professional looking to your audience. Furthermore, you do not need to be the best webmaster to install this theme.

You have plenty of demos provided to launch your first website in minutes. Alternatively, if you wish to add additional tweaks to your web pages, you can do so with the premium plugin Visual Composer. This plugin is easy to use even for the amateur as all the back-end processes are taken care of for you.

There are other plugins included in the theme that will be helpful. One is revolution slider which allows you to create convenient slides, with special effects, which you will use to showcase your work. also, you have MailChimp for email subscriptions, Appointment plugin for reservations, and Calendar Feeds to check your daily schedules.


Deliver WordPress theme allows you to build a one-page or multi-page website in minutes. It also features special effects you can add to your content to make it stand out. In addition, there are more features included in this theme to present your brand professionally to clients.

This WordPress theme comes with its own shortcode generator which takes away the hassle of having to write your own code. Moreover. It includes the Visual Composer plugin which is handy for editing web pages even for the amateur. Also, Deliver theme comes with plenty of demos that can be installed in one click.

You will also appreciate the HD graphics used on this WordPress theme. It makes your content look crisp on retina displays and any other device. Above all, this WordPress theme has plenty of cool effects to look forward. They include video backgrounds, parallax scrolling effect, and multiple color combinations to make your website stand out.


Hermosa WordPress theme reeks of serenity and beauty. Moreover, it is relaxing and pleasant which makes it ideal for beauty salons, yoga centers, or fitness companies. This WordPress theme is highly advanced, responsive, and very to use even for novice webmasters.

Hermosa is preloaded with useful plugins for building and maintaining your website. One of these plugins is Visual Composer which is used for editing and fine-tuning your web pages. Another plugin is WordPress live customizer which you can use to make additional tweaks and watch the changes happen in real time.

This WordPress is designed to be multilingual and e-commerce ready thanks to WooCommerce and WPML plugins. In addition, you also get MailChimp for managing your email subscriptions and alerting clients of new deals. You have two homepages to choose from and plenty of color variations to consider. Also, Hermosa has resourceful features like inbuilt pricing tables, customizable sidebars, and widgets, as well as online appointment booking.


Modena is a bold and professional WordPress theme designed for the beauty world. As a highly responsive theme, it is meant for any business in the beauty world like massage parlors, beauty shops, hair salons, pedicure centers, and fitness centers. In addition, installing this theme only takes one click and customizing it a breeze thanks to the provided plugins and widgets.

Modena comes with an inbuilt page builder that is dynamic and user-friendly. This page builder makes editing homepages, layouts, and the overall website structure very easy. Furthermore, you are provided with tons of widgets to finetune everything including the content you will be adding.

This WordPress theme is easy to style thanks to the various color schemes to choose from. You also get plenty of premium features to improve the user experience on your website. One such plugin is WooCommerce which provides a convenient and secure way for your clients to make payments to your website.


Salon is one of the few WordPress themes that provide a variety of tools to edit your homepages.  In addition, this WordPress theme features its own inbuilt page builder modular that makes designed web pages super easy. Also, there are plenty of themes provided to manage and improve the user experience of your website.

Salon has its own drag and drop modular page builder to customize the provided demos. Alternatively, there are three-page builder plugins provided that do the same job. They include Elementor. SiteOrigin, and Divi Builder so it is up to you to choose the plugin that works for you.

Salon theme features a full-screen slider for homepages which is perfect for introducing your brand in style. Moreover, there are unique color schemes provided with this theme to ensure your website and content stands out from the competition. Lastly, Salon WordPress is compatible with WooCommerce which is a useful plugin for managing sales on your website.


As you would guess, Hairdo WordPress theme is designed for hair salons and barber shops. In addition, this theme will fit any business that sells hair extensions or the beauty blogger who blogs about hairstyles. Hairdo theme is highly responsive, easy to setup and packs plenty of features to look forward to.

Hairdo minimalist design is perfect for hair salons and beauty parlors that want their content to stand out. Furthermore, this theme is designed to be retina ready meaning your content will always be displayed in HD quality. In addition, Hairdo has readymade skins that will transform your website look in one click.

Hairdo theme comes with an inbuilt video embedding feature. This will be perfect for showing your clients your days at work or for posting blog videos about hair. In addition, Hairdo theme comes with social networking plugins like BuddyPress and BBpress. These plugins will be useful if you want to start a hairstyle forum where your users will be interacting. You also have an inbuilt events calendar for planning events and WooCommerce for managing online sales.

Spa Lab

Spa Lab WordPress theme is designed for businesses that want to stand out from the competition by providing their customers with an unforgettable experience. Such businesses include salons, barber shops, fitness centers, and wellness centers. This WordPress theme is highly responsive and loads smoothly on any device it is opened in.

Spa Lab features an advanced page builder that is easy to use. With this page builder, you can instantly make changes to your web pages without writing a line in code. Moreover, you have over 600 Google fonts to help you choose a typography that will represent your brand the best.

This WordPress theme also comes with features and plugins that can improve user experience. One of them is the promo features that allows your customers to send gift cards to their friends. WooCommerce plugin is provided to facilitate the checkouts and delivery process of the gift cards. Another important plugin is WPML which translate your content to any language.

If you need a top notch collection of WordPress themes and plugins, take a look at our Best Collections page.

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