20 Awesome & Responsive WordPress Music Themes for Musicians 2021

November 18, 2020
20 Awesome & Responsive WordPress Music Themes for Musicians 2021

20 Awesome & Responsive WordPress Music Themes for Musicians. As a solo artist, band, Radio Dj, music producer, or entertainment promoter, how you present yourself online matters a lot. Your fans need a convenient place online where they can find your work when they need it. Therefore, having a website that is both attractive and responsive is paramount to the success of your career.

In the words of Confucius, music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. Your fans adore the melodic tunes you channel out and want to have a hold of the latest tracks when they come out. They need a place online where they can sample your cool music, purchase, and download instantly.

Moreover, your listeners also want to know they can receive alerts of your new mixtapes or studio compilations. Even better, they want to see you document yourself at work through exciting videos and photos. In short, they want to be part of the awesome life you live as much as possible.

So why not give them what they want? You can do so using any of the responsive WordPress themes below designed for creatives in the music world.

  • MusicFlex

MusicFlex makes crafting a professional website easy even if you are on the road with your band members. Moreover, this responsive WordPress theme would work for posting musical projects, studio space ads, solo artist schedules and so much more.

This WordPress theme comes with WPBakery plugin which introduces you to Visual Composer plugin. With this plugin, you will be able to design a single or multiple page website in minutes through a simple drag and drop process. Furthermore, this theme comes with unlimited color combinations to change how your site looks with every tour.

MusicFlex allows you to integrate some of the popular online music players to your website. This will allow your fans on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, BandCamp, or Deezer to effortlessly access your music. A bonus feature is the integrated Instagram feed which you can use to show your fans how amazing your concerts are getting. MusicFlex is also compatible with MailChimp and WPML multilingual plugin.

  • Croma

Croma is a top-notch and responsive WordPress theme designed to give your fans the best audio and visual experience. Whether you run a record label, online music magazine, a studio, or just want to promote your music tour, this WordPress theme has what it takes to make it happen. Besides a host of modules and readymade templates to start you off, you also have several premium plugins to make web management a breeze.

Croma WordPress theme comes with premade demos that can be installed with one click. Visual Composer plugin is available just in case you want to add more tweaks to the page templates in your demos. Also, an advanced and easy to use admin panel is included which you can pair with Visual Composer for added accuracy in web designing.
Another great plugin is revolution slider. This plugin will be useful when presenting the profiles of your band mates and even add special effects to the slides. WooCommerce is available too to provide a convenient channel for selling your album and band merchandise online.

  • FWRD

As a budding artist, you need an online platform where you can showcase your passion for music. FWRD WordPress theme will give you that space through a responsive and colorful artist website. Getting started is easy with the demos provided and you also have plenty of tools to work without having to learn about programming.

FWRD theme features components and modules that work with Visual Composer page builder. As an artist, customizing your website will be as easy as dragging and dropping elements where you want them. Also, you have essential grid plugin to help you organize your albums in clean and attractive grids.

Other plugins you will find handy include WPML and WooCommerce. WPML will translate your pages into multiple languages so you can reach out to your international fan base. As you get popular, your fans will want to buy some merchandise from you and WooCommerce plugin will help set up a convenient online shop for them.

  • Slide

Whether you are on tour or managing a record label, Slide WordPress theme will help you set up a professional website. This WordPress theme comes with all the features and plugins necessary to engage your fans and sell your music. Moreover, you can change how your website look whenever you have something fresh and exciting for your fans.

Slide WordPress theme is built to be compatible with WPBakery page builder. With this plugin, you can design a website real quick using a simple drag and drop process. In addition, this theme also includes revolution slider which allows you to create intriguing slides to display your profile or various albums. Speaking of albums, it is also possible to customize your discography collection so each album is presented differently to your fans.

Another noteworthy plugin is WooCommerce. Slide is compatible with this plugin so that you can be able to sell your albums or music merchandise conveniently to your fans. MailChimp is included as well to help you grow your fan base.

  • NightClub & Music WordPress Theme

Stereoclub is a perfect WordPress theme for professional DJs doing tours or managers of successful nightclubs. Also, this WordPress theme will suit you if you own a record label, are a solo artist with a growing career, or the owner of an entertainment company. Basically, StereoClub will suit anyone who does or is passionate about music.

As you enjoy putting music or shows together, you will also love how easy it is to set up a professional website with this theme. Using the inbuilt page builder, you have the liberty to customize your web pages using an easy drag and drop procedure. Moreover, everything is present in HD quality so your content will look sharp, clean and, sleek on any iOS or Android device.

StereoClub WordPress theme comes with an inbuilt audio player for your fans. Your fans will enjoy your music in the background as they scroll through your attractive web pages. One another unique feature is the discography management system included that lets you present your record in a cool and attractive way.

  • Music Club

Music Club WordPress theme suits the singer, Dj, label owner, or the band that is doing major tours internationally. This WordPress theme has the appeal and flair to draw more people to your music and upcoming shows. Moreover, there are plenty of widgets and plugins provided to help manage your content and subscribers effectively.

Music Club theme comes with its own page designer known as Bold page builder. It works exactly like Visual Composer and lets you drag and drop elements as you customize the provided templates to suit your brand. In addition, there are readymade website demos too which can be installed in one click.

Another convenient feature is the inbuilt calendar manager. This feature lets you manage your music tours, recording dates, or music events better. Your fans can also see what you have for them on any given date. Music Club theme is integrated with WPML and WooCommerce plugins. These two plugins will translate your pages to an international audience and also help sell your content online.

  • Pantone

Whether you are a professional singer or an online music curator, as long as you are passionate about music, this WordPress theme is meant for you. Pantone WordPress theme is packed with plenty of features and plugins to help you share or sell your music with ease. Your fans will love how clean and responsive your web pages are.

Most modern WordPress themes come with a convenient page builder to make web designing easy. For Pantone, the inbuilt King Composer lets you arrange or customize elements using a simple drag and drop process. Moreover, this WordPress theme comes with customizable Meta boxes and pages to put your creative skills to full use.

Using the provided online music players, your fans will be happy with how easy it is to sample your new music. Then if they do like your new sounds, they can conveniently purchase and download it through a frontend interface provided by WooCommerce. Another useful plugin that can be included in this theme is WPML. This plugin will translate your all your content into several languages and make your website ready for an international audience.

  • SoundRise

SoundRise carries plenty of demos, features, and plugins designed specifically for record labels. Moreover, this WordPress theme would also suit musicians, bands, and DJ as well. Setting up a website takes minutes with this theme and you have a plethora of features to use in crafting your unique web pages.

As expected, SoundRise comes with its own online audio player as well. One unique difference about this player is the freedom to vary the equalize effects. This way, your fans can hear more of the bass or trebles whenever they want to. Furthermore, it is possible to link your SoundCloud and MixCloud accounts to your website which is an added convenience for your fans.

In addition, SoundRise WordPress theme features Visual Composer which is a top web page customizer. With this plugin, you will be able to edit, make changes, or add new features to your content and web pages by just dragging and dropping elements. Other notable features included in this theme is the online events manager, WooCommerce for sales management, and WPML for multilingual support.


SONIK WordPress theme is recommended for anyone who wants a simple and highly responsive WordPress theme. This theme allows you to build an uncomplicated website that puts all the main features conveniently on the same page. Moreover, you have cool and unique tools that will help you add effects and other elements to your web pages to make your site stand out.

SONIK theme is suited for record labels, bands, solo artists, radios and just about anyone involved in the entertainment industry. No matter your professional background, setting up a website will be as easy as installing a demo with one click. Next, you will use the Visual Composer plugin to make any changes to the web pages or add your content before launching your website.

There are other features on this theme you will absolutely love. One of them is QT grid stacks for presenting your albums or discographies in 3D overflows, text carousel, skywheel overflows, or animated slides. In addition, there is an integrated events map that will show your fans the live location of your next event.

  • Lush

If you are a punk rock artist, a jazz maestro, a soulful singer, or talented pianist, Lush WordPress theme will help build your awesome online profile in minutes. You do not need to be talented in web designer as well to use this theme. This is because all backend processes have already been taken care leaving you with convenient frontend tools to get you started.

Lush WordPress theme comes with multiple webpage styles to sample. There is a dark theme to suit the punk rock artists, a classic look for the pianist or violinist, and a retro outlaw theme to suit the country singer. If you are concert manager, the Awake template style would suit you better. Other styles available include Hipster, Solo, and Printable.

This WordPress theme comes with the expedient page builder, Visual Composer. This plugin allows you to edit and customize the provided demos using a convenient drag and drop process. You will have a live preview of all the changes you make with gives you an insight into how your end website will look like.

Lush has an online audio player for fans to sample your music. In addition, WooCommerce plugin is incorporated to help you sell your albums and singles online.

  • Merchato

Merchato packs all the necessary tools to get your website up and running. Whether you are a solo musician, a music band, a record label, or an entertainment house, this WordPress theme is just for you. Merchato comes with ready-made demos and plenty of elements and modules to design your website in minutes.

Installing a demo takes one click and you can make further changes to it with provided page builder. In addition, this WordPress theme comes with an advanced admin panel for adding late tweaks or updating new features for your website. You don’t really need to learn code to work with Merchato WordPress theme.

Another benefit of this WordPress theme is the avalanche of features it comes with. One is the Gigs and Venue plugin that lets you share info about your upcoming gigs and the venues you will be performing in. Moreover, Merchato features discography grids that provide a unique and attractive way to showcase your albums, tracks or music videos. WooCommerce is added to make selling your music fast and easy.

  • Colibri

As a band or solo musician, you need a professional and personalized website that your fans can relate to. Colibri is a WordPress theme that lets you achieve just that with its responsiveness and plethora of features. There are free demos to get you started and an advanced admin panel to personalize your website completely.

Colibri theme is integrated with Visual Composer to reduce the time required to customize and info to your web pages. On the other hand, there are free demos provided to install in one click and start adding content. In addition, Colibri theme features a one-page homepage that allows you to present all the important info about your music. You can also add a parallax effect to keep things interesting.

What also makes this WordPress theme popular is the integration with premium plugins. One of them is SoundCloud to let your fans play your music while browsing your site. There is also Bandsintown which lets you alert fans of your next gig date and where you will be playing. Finally, an advanced admin panel lets you transform this theme to become exclusively your own.

  • Kallyas

Professional DJs, record producers, or musicians will love what this theme has to offer. To begin with, Kallyas WordPress theme is highly responsive on all devices and is compatible with popular web browsers as well. Moreover, this theme is gift wrapped with all the necessary tools that will help you craft a professional music website in minutes.

Kallyas is integrated with Visual Composer page builder. This page builder makes you look like a pro as you design a professional website with simple drag and drop actions. In addition, Slider Revolution is included in this theme to help you create animated slides. Your fans will get wowed by the impressive slides as they scroll through your albums, discographies, or event dates.

Another feature that sets Kallyas theme apart is the online survey plugin. Clients will give you instant feedback about your website letting you know what they love and what needs to be changed or removed. While at it, let them use the online player to enjoy your music as they go through the survey. More plugins to look forward to in this theme are WPML and WooCommerce.

  • Lucille

Lucille WordPress theme is designed to impress both the music producer and their fans. As a music-oriented website, Lucille packs plenty of tools and features to design a professional artist website in minutes. In addition, this WordPress theme is responsive and compatible with most browsers and devices.

Lucille theme is designed to be compatible with Visual Composer plugin. This plugin allows you to edit web pages in live view watching all the changes you make as you go. Moreover, you are provided with 5 premade demos namely Creative, Classic, White, Rocks, and Artists. The developer of this theme also promises more demos in future.

It takes one click to install a demo and start adding your content. You may also incorporate Slider Revolution plugin to add custom slides to your pages with animated effects. Also, Lucille theme is integrated with a flexible online player your fans can use to sample your new music.

Lucille is compatible with WooCommerce to help set up an online shop on your website. In addition, this theme is loaded with translation files to convert your content into multiple languages.

  • Chords

If you work or run a business in the entertainment industry, this WordPress theme was made for you. As a multi-concept theme, Chords comes with three readymade demos and plenty of unique elements to design your first website in minutes. With the addition of premium plugins, everything is set for you to launch your website without writing a line in code.

Whether you are a singer or play the instrument, you will love how easy it is to work with this theme. Chords features three fresh demos- Chords Solo, Chords Radio, and Chords Rock- which you can customize using a simple drag and drop process. In addition, you have features like the Events management system that helps you organize events and alert your fans when you are next playing. Another noteworthy feature is track list management that organizes all your popular tracks for your fans.

Chords WordPress theme includes an online player your fans will use to sample your music. In addition, there are over 16 unique color schemes you can use to create the most authentic website. WooCommerce plugin is included to help you sell your music online.

  • Oscillator

Your fans will adore your fresh and clean music website courtesy of the Oscillator theme. This WordPress theme truly boasts a unique design inspired by music for music lovers. Besides the convenient online audio player, there are several other features that will draw more fans to your page and love your content.

Oscillator unpacks readymade templates designed for artists, events, music galleries, bands, and music videos. Editing your web pages is as easy as dragging and dropping elements putting them where you want them. In addition, this WordPress theme features custom widgets which you can use to boost your website’s functionality.  Examples of these widgets include the social site buttons for Twitter and Instagram.

Oscillator WordPress theme is SEO optimized so your fan can easily find your work online. Moreover, you get access to multiple premium plugins if you get a lifetime membership to this theme. Your website will regularly receive future updates which you can install and tweak using the provided admin panel.

  • Remix

One thing you will love about the Remix WordPress theme is its modern and classy look. This theme is designed for international DJs, musicians, bands, or any musical performer living their life to the fullest. Remix theme comes loaded with demos and custom elements that let you set up a professional website in minutes.

Remix theme is compatible with an array of plugins to both design and boosts the functionality of your website. Visual Composer is included to assist you in building your web pages faster without the need of writing any code. Also, Slider Revolution is added to help create fantastic slides to showcase your band profiles, discographies, albums, or galleries of past events.

Other plugins that come with this WordPress theme include Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and bbPress. Both bbPress and Contact Form 7 will be effective in engaging your fan base through email newsletters and an online fan forum on your website. WooCommerce will provide an easy platform to sell and receive payments for your album and merchandise.

  • Clubix

Whether you are promoting music, events, or the nightlife, this WordPress theme will suit any of those occasions perfectly. Clubix WordPress theme is also ideal for setting up online magazines and publications that touch on music and entertainment. It packs all the necessary modules and elements to build a website and also includes plugins for easy web management.

Clubix works with plugins like Visual Composer to edit and customize web pages to suit your brand. There are unlimited color combinations to ensure that your website will forever look different from your competition. Also, Clubix is integrated with Font Awesome so you can choose the typography that will make your content stand out.

Besides plugins, there are a host of features you will find useful with this theme. One of them is events manager that makes it easy to organize recurring events. Another feature is redux framework which allows you to customize the admin panel with tools and modules you like using. There is also an online mp3 player for your audience to sample your new music.

  • Vocal

If you are passionate about making or promoting music, you will love everything that comes with Vocal WordPress theme. This theme is designed for musicians, event promoters, club Dj and anyone who lives and breathes music. Besides an array of demos with modules to customize them, you also have plenty of compatible plugins to get your website going.

All the features you need to sell or promote your music are included in this theme. One of them is the intuitive events manager that lets you plan shows and alert your fans when and where your next gig is happening. Moreover, this WordPress theme allows you to add video backgrounds to your web pages as a welcome teaser of what is in store for your fans. You also have YouTube and Vimeo support which you can use to post your viral music videos or events footages.

Crafting your website with Vocal WordPress theme is very easy. Just use Visual Composer to drag and drop elements where you want them. Add Event grid layouts to organize your popular events and WooCommerce to sell and promote your music.

  • Musik

Just as the name suggests, Musik WordPress theme is designed for solo artists, bands, record labels, and DJs. With this theme, you will be able to include your fans in your everyday music life as well as sell your albums and merchandise to them. In addition, your fans will also be able to sample snippets of your music giving them a taste of what is to come.

Musik theme is designed to work with JPlayer. Using this audio plugin, your fans will play their favorite songs while scrolling through your exciting album or image galleries. This theme also comes with audio preview support to tease your fans with new music before releasing your singles or albums. If you want to monetize your music, there is convenient plugin provided that lets you sell your work in singles or entire albums.

With an easy-to-use admin panel, you will be able to customize or tweak your website to match your brand. Feel free to add custom headers, footers, and animate your backgrounds with videos or audio files.

If you need a top notch collection of WordPress themes and plugins, take a look at our Best Collections page.

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