Dominion – WP Domain Checker

Introduction of Dominion Plugin

This is a flexible Domain Checker plugin which allows you to place a Domain Checker form in your page/post with full control over the design of the form. By using Dominion domain search form, your users will be able to swiftly check domain name availability from your WordPress site. You can search for or check any generic domains and directly integrate the search result with your WHMCS domain sales page. If you are selling your domains from your own page instead of WHMCS, you can do so by placing your custom Purchase URL of your domain selling page in the search result.

This plugin is made in such a flexible way so that you can use the plugin with OR without WPBakery Page Builder. You can customize everything (fonts, colors, button and section backgrounds, animations and so on) without touching a single line of code.

Worrying about the spammers? Dominion plugin has the option to enable Google reCAPTCHA v2 to stop the spammers to use your domain checker form.

View demos of 9 more layouts of domain checker form

Each Layouts are Uniquely Designed

Ten different Layouts built with WPBakery page builder. Click on the given links below to view the full demo of the layouts.

Each layout can be built with OR without WPBakery. Check the Video Tutorials page to learn the How To’s.

Flexibility/Fields :

  1. Change/Choose Parallax Background Image
  2. List/Include unlimited TLD (extensions) of Domains
  3. Enable/Disable reCAPTCHA
  4. Enable/Disable Ajax Domain Search
  5. Change Search Result’s Domain Purchase Button Label
  6. Change Search Result’s Domain Purchase Button URL (the page url from where users can purchase/transfer the domain)
  7. Change Highlighted TLD Pricing
  8. Change/Choose Shape of the Domain Search Section
  9. Enable/Disable Animation (35+ variations of animations to choose from)
  10. Title/Sub-Title/Text
    1. Change/Choose Title Tag (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, div, span, p)
    2. Change Sub Title/Heading
    3. Change/Choose Sub Title Tag (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, div, span, p)
    4. Change Text below Title
    5. Change Search Field PlaceHolder Text
    6. Change/Choose Font Family, Font Size, Font Weight and Line Height for Title
    7. Change/Choose Font Family, Font Size, Font Weight and Line Height for Sub Title
    8. Change/Choose Font Family, Font Size, Font Weight and Line Height for other Text
  11. Colors
    1. Change/Choose Color for Title, Sub Title and other Text
    2. Change/Choose Mouse-Over (Hover) Color of Text
    3. Change/Choose Background Color of Button
    4. Change/Choose Mouse-Over (Hover) Background Color of Button
    5. Change/Choose Button Text Color
    6. Change/Choose Mouse-Over (Hover) Color of Button Text
    7. Change/Choose Domain Available Result Text Color
    8. Change/Choose Domain NOT Available Result Text Color
    9. Change/Choose Input Box Placeholder Text Color
    10. Change/Choose Domain Price Color
    11. Change/Choose Domain Extension (TLD) Color
    12. Change/Choose Section Background Color
    13. Change/Choose Mouse-Over (Hover) Color of Section Background
  12. Change Section Padding
  13. Change Section Margin