WooSmart Plugin - Documentation

1.Introduction #

WooSmart is a powerful WooCommerce extension that gives you opportunity to easily showcase your WooCommerce Products beautifully anywhere of your web-pages. This plugin supports different layouts and provides lots of customizing options. It is an easy to use plugin packed with 15+ smartly designed layouts. It is integrated with smart wishlist and lightbox effects to showcase your online products.


  • Showcase your products beautifully with WooSmart plugin
  • WPBakery (formerly named Visual Composer) plugin compatible
  • Display product in list, grid and sliding layout
  • Each layout comes with lots of customization options
  • Switch On/Off Wishlist feature
  • Switch On/Off Quick View feature
  • Control over Colors and Backgrounds
  • 15 + ready to use templates
  • Choose any that best suits your Online Shop site
  • Feature to filter the products from your chosen product categories
  • Product ordering (Descending or Ascending) option
  • Showcase product short details through Lightbox
  • Add different kind of badges and ribbons with text to products
  • Add smart Call To Action button
  • Work flawlessly with almost all standard WordPress themes available
  • No Coding Required to use this Plugin
  • Fully Responsive for Mobile and Tablet views
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Translation Ready and WPML compatible

3.Installation & Updating #


The installation process of WooSmart Plugin is quite simple and straightforward, and shouldn't cause you any troubles at all. Independent of you previous experience with WordPress plugins, you aren't likely to have any problems, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the file from CodeCanyon and unzip it
  2. Once you purchase WooSmart, you will be able to download the ZIP file from CodeCanyon, containing the current version. Download it to your computer and unzip it. You will get a folder with the plugin name – 'the-woosmart-products-catalog'.
  3. Upload the plugin to your WordPress
  4. There are 2 ways to do this::

    • Option 1 open your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins -> Add new -> Upload and choose the the-woosmart-products-catalog.zip file that you downloaded from CodeCanyon.
    • Option 2 open your WordPress installation folder in some FTP manager (CyberDuck, FileZilla, Total Commander, or any other), go to wp-content/plugins/ and upload the folder that you unzipped in previous step.
  5. Activate the plugin
    In your WordPress admin panel go to Plugins, find WooSmart | Products Catalog and Showcase for WooCommerce and click "Activate". Congrats, plugin installed!

Automatic Updating

Download & install Envato Market plugin
This plugin can install WordPress themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest & CodeCanyon by connecting with the Envato Market API using a secure OAuth personal token. Once your themes & plugins are installed WordPress will periodically check for updates, so keeping your items up to date is as simple as a few clicks.

Manual Updating

If you download new plugin version from CodeCanyon please follow these steps to upgrade from the existing version:

1. Go to your FTP and open WordPress plugins folder
2. Delete the old WooSmart | Products Catalog and Showcase for WooCommerce version folder
3. Upload the new version of WooSmart | Products Catalog and Showcase for WooCommerce
4. Go to WP-admin panel, open Plugins section.
5. Deactivate WooSmart | Products Catalog and Showcase for WooCommerce, and then activate it again.

4.Using a Products-Showcase Element with WPBakery #

STEP 1: At the beginning, You must have installed WooSmart plugin and WPBakery Page Builder plugin in your wordpress site.

STEP 2: Then you will edit a page and choose the backend editor and click on Add Element button.

STEP 3: Now you will find an Elements chart. From there click on tab "by Fluent-Themes Shortcode". There is showing all the WooSmart Elements to choose from. Now you can choose FT- Woosmart Layout-1 or any other element you like.

STEP 4: You will get a popup of FT- Woosmart Layout-1 setting fields. Now you have to fill up the fields as your needs. All the fields are self-explanatory, for example choosing product category from dropdown, choosing how many products to show, choosing color of buttons etc.

STEP 5: Click on Save changes button and publish or update the page. That's all.

5.Using a Products-Showcase Element without WPBakery #

You can easily use shortcode [woosmart_layout1 cat_id="1"] to show Products whose category ID is 1. In the following table we are explaining all the parameters of the shortcodes you can use in your pages/posts to show your WooCommerce Products:

Parameter Description Example
category Products Category [woosmart_layout1 cat_id="1"]
wishlist Choose Page for Wishlist [woosmart_layout1 wishlist_page="Page_URL_of_your_WishList_Page"]
order Choose Products Order (ASC or DESC) [woosmart_layout1 order="DESC"]
orderby Choose Products Sorting Orderby [woosmart_layout1 orderby="Date"]
post_per_page Number of Products to Show [woosmart_layout1 post_per_page="3"]
title_color Product Title Color [woosmart_layout1 title_color="#000"]
price_color Price Color [woosmart_layout1 price_color="#000"]
btn_bg_color Button Background Color [woosmart_layout1 btn_bg_color="#eee"]
btn_text_color Button Text Color [woosmart_layout1 btn_text_color="#000"]
box_bg_color Box Background Color [woosmart_layout1 box_bg_color="#eee"]
box_border_color Box Border Color [woosmart_layout1 box_border_color="#1e73be"]
sale_badge_bg Badge Background Color [woosmart_layout1 sale_badge_bg="red"]
wishlist Enable/Disable Wishlist [woosmart_layout1 wishlist="yes"]
hover_image Enable/Disable Hover Image Gallery [woosmart_layout1 hover_image="yes"]
Example of Using Multiple Parameters in One Shortcode [woosmart_layout3 cat_id="16" wishlist_page="197" order="DESC" orderby="date" wishlist="yes" quickview="yes" btn_hover_effect="yes" badge_bg="#f5c648" badge_bg_before="#f5c648" badge_bg_after="#f5c648"]

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