ARB Booking

Restaurant Table Booking


Purpose Book a table in restaurants
Minimum Person 1
Maximum Persons 10
Maximum tables available for each time slot 10
Reservation available for Next 30 days
Availability Variations Available 7 days per week
Monday to Saturday available from 10:01AM – 11:31PM
Sunday available from 08:00AM – 11:30PM
Cost to book a table None
Can be Cancelled? Yes
Cancellation Offer valids till 6 hours before Reservation time
Confirmation Required? Yes
Email Notification? Yes

# No payment required to reserve a table. Once reservation is made, admin will confirm the reservation and customer will receive a confirmation email about their reservation.
# If a table is booked (lets say all 10 tables at 2:00PM are booked), that time slot will not be shown to any other clients. So, no double booking will happen.
# If a full day is booked users cannot click on that data and the color of that date will be different.
You can change the above settings as your needs from your admin area.

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