Under the ‘Header Settings’ of your ‘Theme-Options’ you will find a field saying ‘Label of Main Menu Post Question Button’.  If you put some text there (for example: Ask Question) the button will be visible at the right side of the Header Menu as you see in our live preview. After that, put ‘#ask-question’ in the URL field of the button.

Now you are done creating the button. But, it will not work yet as like our live demo. Couple of steps to follow to make the button functioned like the live preview –

1.1. Create a new page using ‘Add Question’ template

1.2. Select that page as ‘Add question’ page from ‘Theme-Options –> Questions’ settings

If you have already imported the ‘Demo Data’ by following the instructions given here, you can go to 2nd step directly. Because ‘Add Question’ page using ‘Add Question’ template is already created in the demo data. Now, go to the ‘Appearance –> Theme-Options –> Questions’ settings and find ‘Add question page’ drop-down settings. Choose the correct ‘Add Question’ page as described above and save settings. Now you will see the ‘Post Question’ or ‘Ask Question’ button of the Header Menu is working as like our demo.

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