1. Create your new page and give it a name, e.g : Home and Set the page template to Page WIth VC Template


2. You will see new buttons so that you can toggle between classic mode and builder mode as well as a button to take you to the live front-end editor. Now we will use Classic Mode to add elements.

3. By Clicking on ‘Add Element’ button you can see the List of all elements which can be added and configured on your page.


4. Find the tab by Fluent-Themes Shortcodes. When click on by Fluent-Themes Shortcodes then you can see like the following image


5. You can click on any element from there to use it in your page. For example, if you want to use ‘Home Slider’ element, just click on the ‘Home Slider’. You will find a pop-up with the settings fields of ‘Home Slider’ element. Select a Category and fill up the settings fields as you need. Then make sure click on the Save Changes button and Update/Publish your page.


6. Look at the following image to know how to change the ‘Header style’, ‘Footer style’, ‘Body background color’ for this particular page.


7. When you are done adding elements to your page, click on Publish/Update button. Now you page is ready. If you want to add new element in your page you can add.

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