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Grab Offer of 20% Off Today

Get Yourself Noticed by Making a Personal Site (20% Off Today) When it comes to making a personal website, the most important thing you can do is select a website theme that complements the style of content you plan to publish. Morgan is a clean, multilingual and lightweight vCard...

Create a Simple Check-out Form for Your Online Store

HTML, CSS3 and jQuery, these are the coding languages to guide you in creating a checkout form. CSS3 and HTML will take care of how the form looks and how it is presented on the internet. jQuery is the writing language you will be using which works pretty fast...

How to Use Compare Strings in Java

In Java, it’s way better to use each operator when testing the specific attribute it’s designed for. But in almost all cases, Objects.equals () is a more universal operator thus experience web developers opt for it.

What is JavaScript

A script is basically a program that boosts interaction within a website be it launching pop-up menus or responding to every action a web visitor makes like checking out items on an online store. Initially, there were two kinds of scripts available, Java and VB, but most modern websites...

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