Version - 1.1

Cosonix - One Page Creative WP Theme

Themes Installation & Activation

Installing Cosonix Theme is quite easy. Basically install this Theme is almost the same as installing other Theme. This part will guide you to how install Cosonix Theme.

After downloading Cosonix package from Themeforest you need to extract those file, and then you will find zip file with name like . This is main file of Cosonix Theme.

  1. Go to Appearance -> Themes on your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Then click the Add New button at the top of the page and then choose Upload Theme option
  3. After that upload file and click Install Now
  4. After finishing upload, click the Activate and right after installing themes you will be prompted to install required plugins. Below we will instruct you how to install the required plugins

Required Plugins

Right after you finish activating Cosonix Theme. You will be notified to install required plugins for this theme. If the required plugins are activated, now you’re ready to create Awesome Stuff with Cosonix.

Please remember, you will need to verify your item purchase code to get the main plugin 'The_Cosonix_Shortcodes'.
Verify Theme Purchase Code Now

Click Begin Install Plugin to install the required plugins.

Themes & Plugins Update

Updating Themes

Installing the new version of theme, almost the same as installing new themes. You can update Cosonix theme by downloading a fresh copy from ThemeForest, deleting the current version you have on your server and uploading the new version.

Updating Required Plugins

Installing the new version of required plugin, almost the same as installing plugin previously. You can update the required plugin by remove the current version you have on your server and then go to Appearance -> Install Plugins to install the newer version.

Automatic Update

Envato provide plugin that enable automatic update for themes. You can download those plugin from here. You will just need to input your API key. For more detail about how to use envato toolkit, please follow this url.

Included Plugins

Plugin that we include are :

Demo Data Import

Well, stating it in simple words 'One Click demo import' is a way by which you can import all the theme demo data in a single click. This makes it possible to import all the WordPress demo content including Customizer data, settings, used plugins data etc in a matter of couple of minuites.

By importing the theme demo content, users get an easy and quick way to customize the theme and build a stunning website using a WordPress theme. Users get complete demo website data with all the settings, Customizer options, plugins and widgets already working. Now, you can quickly customize the site with your own content.

Page Building with WPBakery Page Builder

Add New Page

Go to Pages -> Add New on your WordPress Admin Dashboard. And click on the BACKEND EDITOR. Also choose Page with WPBakery Page Builder Template to get the best view of WPBakery Page Builder elements.

Load One-Page Layout

Click on the Cosonix One-Page Layout and wait for just a few seconds and you will see the magic. A page will be created similar to the demo homepage you see in the live-preview of Cosonix Theme. Now you can add/edit/remove the loaded elements with drag and drop functionality of WPBakery Page Builder.

Anchor Sections with Menu

If you want to link/anchor the page sections with your top menu, you should give a Row/Section ID to all the sections you create. Click on the Row/Section edit icon to edit the section.

After clicking you will have the Row settings pop-up box where you will get the Row/Section ID field. What to input as the ID? For example - You are creating Pricing section. And in the top menu you have already created a Pricing Menu whose url is #pricing. So, you should use pricing as the section ID so when you click on "Pricing" menu the page will scroll down to this section.

Customize Row/Section Background

From the Row Settings pop-up box click on the Design Options tab. There you can choose Background Color or you can add a Background Image.

Use Custom Elements

There are 14+ custom elements which you can use to build your pages. Click on any Cosonix element and you will have all the options you need to insert the element to your page nicely.

Creating Slider with Revolutions Slider Plugin

Find Slider Revolution menu in the wp admin dashboard. Click on that and you will have options to create a new slider. After creating a slider you will need to create and style the slides. After saving slides you can use the slider anywhere of your website. To use the slider with WPBakery Page Builder you need to just insert the Revolutions Slider using drag and drop feature and select the slider from the given drop-down. For more information about styling a slider you can visit here:

You can also import slider files (Slider files are included into the 'Sliders' folder of your purchased theme files.) and use the ready-made slider as you can see in the live demo of the theme. To import slider you need to click on the Import Slider box as you see in the below screenshot and then upload the slider zip file (Slider zip files are included into the 'Sliders' folder of your purchased theme files.).


We used Nice animations for just 4 sections of the HomePage to keep it simple. Those 4 sections are: 1. Home Image 2. Features 3. Pricing 4. Testimonial

To have the animations you will just need to make sure that the Row ID of those 4 sections are as follows:

  • 'home' for the Home section (Optional)
  • 'features' for the Features section
  • 'pricing' for the Pricing section
  • 'reviews' for the Reviews/Testimonial section
To stop the animations switch it off from the General Settings of Theme-Options.

Retina Display

The Cosonix theme is Retina ready. In the Theme-Options -> General Settings you can switch on the Retina Display. By default Retina display mode is 'Off'. After switching on, you just need to use two sizes of images (one for normal display another for retina display). For example - You are using a book image (name is book.png) (width: 200px; and height: 300px;) in your website page. You should upload another version of that book image whose size should be double than the original image. In this example the size should be (width:400px; and height:600px). And don't forget to name it using @2x. In this example the name should be book@2x.png. Both version of the image should be in the same folder. That's it. Now for normal display book.png will be displayed and for retina display book@2x.png will be displayed.

We have created Powerful Theme-Options for you so that you can customize your website with just a few clicks. Go to Theme-Options on your WordPress Admin Dashboard

General Settings

From here you can upload Logo, Favicon, and Apple touch icon. Also you can choose Header background color. There is one textarea field - Custom CSS. Custom CSS field is for using your own custom styles which will override the theme default styles.

Colors Settings

You can choose a color for your website from here. There are four built in colors:

  • Yellow (Default Color)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red

If you don't want to use any of the above colors, then you can pick a color from the next field Website Custom Color. Keep it empty if you wish to use any of the above four built-in colors.

Social Media Settings

Here you can put your social media urls. Don't forget to use http:// before any urls. These Social media urls are effective in the Author Bio section and in the footer Social Media section.

MailChimp/Aweber Settings

Here you get two fields: MailChimp API key and MailChimp List ID. Input your MailChimp API key and List ID if you want to use the Subscription/Newsletter SignUp forms of Cosonix Theme. Fill in the Aweber settings fields and keep MailChimp fields empty if you want to use Aweber subscriptions instead of Mailchimp.

Blog Settings

From here you can customize the following things of your Blog:

  • Sidebar Position (left or right)
  • Show/Hide Post Meta for Blog pages
  • Show/Hide Post Meta for Single Post

Import/Export Settings

If you wish to Import/Export the saved settings of Theme-Options from one WordPress to another, then this Import/Export tab is highly useful for you. With a few clicks you can Import/Export the data of the Theme-options.

1. How Can I update included Plugins of the Theme?

Theme bundled plugins can't be updated in traditional way. The bundled plugins don't have any license code and you will be able to run the plugins without the license code. You just need to install the plugins, no need to activate license. When you need to update the plugins to the latest version, you just need to download the latest version of the theme and find the plugin files in the 'cosonix --> framework --> plugins' folder. Remove your old plugin files from your server using ftp or cpanel and upload the new files there.

2. When I use Custom Links in Menu, the links doesn’t seem to work correctly. Why?

Cosonix theme is a one-page theme by default. External links or full url in the links (ie: won't work for one page. You need to use only the id part in the url (Example: Don't use as a custom link, use only #portfolio instead.).

But, if you are using the theme as a multipage website, then you may need to use full urls in the menu. In that case you need to go to 'Theme-Options' and make sure 'One-Page' option is switched off. If you do so, the menu will work for multipage only. The one-page scrolling will not work.

3. What does theme support include?

If you find any kind of bugs in the theme, you can contact theme support with your theme purchase code and our team will help you fix the bugs.

What is a bug? If you see your theme is not working like the demo preview pages even after you followed the instructions given below in the documentation, that is a bug. Again, if you see you are choosing an option from 'Theme-Options' but in the front-end you are not seeing any change as it is supposed to, then that is a bug. You should contact theme support immediately and our experts will solve the bugs for you.

But if you see the theme is working like the live preview, but you want something else (example: you want the logo at the right side instead of left side), then that is not a bug, and theme support can't help you in this. Our freelancer team can help you in this for customizing theme. They will charge you some fees depending on the depth of the customization you need. You need to ask for our freelancer team contact details to our theme support.

You get full life-time support with this item. If you need some help or found a bug or issue with the Theme, You can always contact us at support@cosonix and we will respond to you within a quick turnaround time.