Getting Started

Installation & Setup / Getting Started

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

Thank you for choosing Apparatus! Let’s begin starting your project with Apparatus. Save the downloaded theme’s files on your pc first. Navigate to the Downloads section in your Envato / ThemeForest account, your purchases are kept there. Click the Download button to get the theme, make sure you’re clicking the “Installable WordPress file only”.

After that please follow the following 3 steps.
Step 1: Theme Installation
Step 2: Plugin Installation
Step 3: Demo Content Import

Theme Installation

Installation & Setup / Theme Installation

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

Now that the theme’s files are saved on your pc, you can log into WordPress administration dashboard to upload and install it.
1. Navigate to Appearance > Themes and click the "Add New" / "Upload Theme"
2. Upload the file you’ve downloaded from ThemeForest in the previous step and click Install Now.

Plugin Installation

Installation & Setup / Plugin Installation

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

After installing the theme, you should see a Notification Bar where you are asked to install and activate the plugins coming with the theme. You need to install and activate the required plugins.

Demo Content Import

Installation & Setup / Demo Content Import

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

Well, stating it in simple words 'One Click demo import' is a way by which you can import all the theme demo data in a single click. This makes it possible to import all the WordPress demo content including Customizer data, settings, used plugins data etc. in a matter of couple of minuites. Demo import option lets you import the following:
1. It imports all posts, pages, custom post type content, images
2. Imports menus, custom fields, Categories, tags, and comments
3. Imports all the data of the plugins used, widgets, Customizer settings & the front page.
By importing the theme demo content, users get an easy and quick way to customize the theme and build a stunning website using a WordPress theme. Users get complete demo website data with all the settings, Customizer options, plugins and widgets already working. Now, you can quickly customize the site with your own content.

Video Tutorial of Apparatus WordPress Theme

Installation & Setup / Video Tutorial of Apparatus WordPress Theme

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

How to make my site like the Live Preview of Apparatus Theme!

Create a New Page

General Guidelines / Create a New Page

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

If you are using Gutenburg Editor, then click on WPBakery Page Builder Button on the top to switch-on classic editor. Have a look at the picture.

To create New page, Go Pages -> Add New. Enter here title and click on publish.

How to Use custom WPBakery Elements

General Guidelines / How to Use custom WPBakery Elements

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

Go to Pages -> Add New on your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on the Add Element

There are custom elements which you can use to build your pages. Click on any element created by Fluent-Themes Shortcodes and you will have all the options you need to insert the element to your page nicely.

How to remove the page title Section?

General Guidelines / How to remove the page title Section?

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

You can choose to display or hide the page title. When you’re editing a page, choose ‘Page with VC’ as your page template:

How to insert YouTube Videos in Posts?

General Guidelines / How to insert YouTube Videos in Posts

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

Inserting YouTube video in a post is easy. The following screenshots will tell you everything:

How to Setup Top Navigation Menu

General Guidelines / How to Setup Top Navigation Menu

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

You need to create Menu from Appereance -> Menus and choose create a new menu option.

After that you can choose Pages, Posts, Custom Links(useful for One-Page layout’s menu), Categories from the left column and click Add to Menu button. The selected menus will be added under the Menu Structure. Then you will need to choose Theme Locations under the Menu Settings:
Choose Main Menu if you want to use the menu at the top of your website. For More info see the image below:

How to create smooth scroll to section on click menu.

General Guidelines / How to create smooth scroll to section on click menu.

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

At first, You have to set unique ID on selected Visual Composar Row and update the page. How to do it, Explained on the screenshot.

Now go to Appearence -> Menu, You have to call the ID from menu. How to do it,Explained on the screenshot.

How to Change Theme Color, Logo, Header, Footer, Favicon etc

General Guidelines / How to Change Theme Color, Logo, Header, Footer, Favicon etc

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

We have created Powerful Theme-Options for you so that you can setup general things of your website with just a few clicks. Please navigate to Appearance > Theme-Options to get the necessary options for setting up general things of your website.

Migrate any page to Front Page

General Guidelines / Migrate any page to Front Page

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

To set your chosen page as the homepage of your site, go to Settings > Readings. Select “A static page” and choose one of the existing pages to be served as the Front Page of your site.

Common Questions

Where is my WPBakery Editor?

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

After Wordpress Version 5.0, New feature Gutenberg Editor is included by default. But it's possible to use WPBakery Page Builder (Formerly WPBakery) with Gutenburg Editor. How to enable WPBakery Page Builder is given below in picture.

And click on the BACKEND EDITOR. Also choose Page with VC Image Template to get the best view of WPBakery elements.

How to Disable Gutenberg Editor Permanently

Common Issues / How to Disable Gutenberg Editor Permanently

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

After Releasing WPBakery Page Builder version 5.6, a new feature is included to disable the Gutenberg Editor of wordpress version 5.0 or later. How to disable this feature is given below in the picture. Go to WPBakery Page Builder -> General Settings. And checked on Disable Gutenburg Editor. And click on Save Changes Button.

WPBakery — Cannot update, asking for License Activation

Common Issues / WPBakery — Cannot update, asking for License Activation

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

I’m trying to update the WPBakery, but I receive this error message “To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit Settings to activate your WPBakery.”
If I try to activate WPBakery I get the message “It seems that you do not have any valid license for WPBakery. What does it mean? It may be so that you got WPBakery by purchasing WordPress theme which does not grant you with direct license for WPBakery.”
What do I have to do?
Since WPBakery is coming as a bonus / free with the theme, users don’t get to have their own purchase codes, but it’s not required, assuming you need it to be able to update the plugin. The option to activate a license was left open for those who already have a license.
When you need to update the plugins to the latest version, you just need to Deactivate and Delete the existing plugin and then in your wp-admin panel you will see a notification to install the plugin which you recently removed/deleted. Install and activate that, you are done.

Error: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again”

Common Issues / Error: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again”

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

If you’re seeing this confusing WordPress error when trying to upload the theme, it means the process breaks at some point and that’s most probably due to a few server settings limiting resources for your site. For example the maximum upload size could be set to 5MB and the theme’s package is larger than that. This isn’t a bug but a matter of server settings.

There are two ways to solve the issue:
1. Reach out to your hosting company and ask them to increase the upload size limit and the PHP memory allocated for your site. 2. Connect to the server and manually do it yourself: How to increase memory allocated to PHP

Recommended PHP configuration:

1. max_execution_time: 60
2. memory_limit: 128M
3. post_max_size: 32M
4. upload_max_filesize: 32M

How to achieve Full Width Row or Boxed Width Row

Common Issues / How to achieve Full Width Row or Boxed Width Row

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

From the Website Width option in your Theme-Options you can choose Full-Width or Boxed Style. It is important to remember that – If you choose Boxed Style, do not forget to edit the Rows of your pages. Click on the edit icon of the Rows and select Default from the drop-down options of Row stretch. Otherwise you may see the pages sections are not properly styled into the Box.

For Full-Width page you need to choose Stretch row and content (no paddings) from the drop-down options of Row stretch.

How to Translate Themes using the Poedit Program

Common Issues / How to Translate Themes using the Poedit Program

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

Poedit is a common program which you can use to translate the theme. It’s available for free on

After you have installed Poedit, you can open it and select File > Open. Then select the butter.pot file from the theme you wish to translate which you can find in the /languages/ folder of Butter theme.

Then go through every line of text and translate it to your native language. Afterwards you can save as the catalog with your language code (for example es_ES.po) File > Save as . Normally Poedit automatically creates the .mo file and saves it, too.

The last step you have to do is to upload your created language files to /languages folder of Butter theme using FTP.

Installation Error: Missing style.css

Common Issues / Installation Error: Missing style.css

Apparatus Wordpress Theme

That’s a common issue caused by not uploading the correct zip file. Go back to and when clicking the Download button, choose the “Installable WordPress file only“. This is the correct zip file which should be uploaded in your WordPress.