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I’ve seen many people wondering what's the difference between and So, if you're reading this, we assume you've the same question in your mind. You’re probably confused which one to choose.
How to Deploy Watson Assistant Chatbots to WordPress

How to Deploy Watson Assistant Chatbots to WordPress

If you’re reading this article, we assume you’ve most likely heard all the buzz around chatbots. In fact, you might have interacted with a few scenarios where it would be really helpful for you to use one.

WordPress Themes for Fashion Houses or Modelling Agencies

Whether you are a fashion house or Modeling agency dealing with models, an organized and attractive website should be your top priority. Here are some great WordPress themes designed specifically for this creative space. A fashion house needs a responsive website with well-organized catalogue of new cloth lines, shoes...

Update Your Website to a More Professional Look…It’s Free

For your business to stand out, it must have an up and running website that’s well designed and user-friendly. But many businesses get stuck at the designing stage because they have no design inspiration or the resources to execute their plans. Luckily, WordPress has released a series of Website...

The difference between client side and server side programming

You need to know the difference between client side and server side Programming If you are new to backend processes in web development. You may have noticed that PHP rarely works in JavaScript. This is because both PHP and Java run their processes in two different spaces known as...

Make Your WordPress Website Livelier

WP plugins make your WordPress website livelier, and it only takes a few minutes to have them installed and working. Plugins will normally fall right below the header and they are a quick access to the contents thus making your website navigable. For this particular review, we are going...

How Grid Systems Work in Bootstrap 4

For a project to be successful it needs a blueprint or skeletal framework for guidance. In Bootstrap 4, we have what we call the Grid System. It’s basically a creation of rows and columns to form the 12-column standard grid system.